Friday, June 3, 2011

My First Snake Surgery!

Like I wrote before, our external transmitter attachment turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt. Thus, we had to surgically implant the transmitters into the body cavity of our snakes. This is a common practice among snake researchers, and snakes usually recover with no problems within a day. Rulon walked me through the steps of my first snake surgery so that I can independently insert transmitters into future snakes.  

Palpatin knocked out and ready to go

 Making the first cut with the scalpel. I cut the skin between the first and second row of scales, an incision about 5 scales long.  

Rulon instructing me in the process

Opening up the body cavity

Inserting the transmitter

Rulon shows me how to give the snake mouth-to-mouth if necessary. You insert a tube into its glotis and blow--same as CPR but without the chest compressions

Nice close-up of the head

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